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Happy 4th Of July Filled With Enhancements

Happy 4th Of July! July marks yet another month of enhancements such as pulling and providing the category for work orders as well as the ability to add nots to the comment section within IMS. We know that there are a lot of options and various needs as everyone runs their business differently. We wanted to take a moment to recap some of the services to remind you of the features of ProjectsForce. Measuring Software: We are currently integrated with both FloorWizard and MeasureSquare. Providing two way data transfer between the systems including transferring documents into ProjectsForce and into IMS. QuickBooks: Build invoices as well as Labor POs in QuickBooks and apply payments once they are received. Reporting: ProjectsForce provides multiple ways of reviewing the data you need to run your business. Data such as sales, expenses, capacity, turn times, and volume. Text Messaging: ProjectsForce can send and receive text messages that apply to many different aspects of the business. Text messaging can be used to inform the client that their technician is en route, surveys, links to third party applications, and introductions. Digital Documents: ProjectsForce can transform nearly any document into a digital experience for your office, field staff, technicians, and clients. No more need for physical paperwork, enter the data info ProjectsForce and we create the documents for you and send on to whomever needs them. Including IMS. Capacity: Enter your teams capacity into ProjectsForce and we can provide reporting that displays the volume of work your teams are capable of providing as well as the volume of work you have assigned to them. This will allow you to identify teams that are over or under booked. Integrate with over 1000 popular applications: We have the ability to quickly stand up integrations to over 1000 popular third party applications and software platforms used all over the world. These resources allow you to perform interactions with various tools that enhance the ProjectsForce experience. Installer Portals: Your installer network is a vital part of your business. We provide your teams with dashboards that allow them to see their workload, how much each job and/or day will pay them, check in and check out on projects, send text messages to the client indicating they are on their way or running late, access important documents needed such as the measurements or the COC. The installer dashboard can contain as much or as little information as needed for your team to have access to the information they need when they are on the job. Interactive Customer Experiences: Allow your customers to schedule a call at a time convenient for them or send the customer an interactive phone call allowing them to confirm an appointment or transfer themselves into your office. Send a text message that interacts with Survey Monkey or can be responded to and update the job based off of the response. Coming Soon: We are taking the mobile app offline, giving you the ability to update projects when offline and once you connect to the internet the updates will take place. We will also have a native bar code scanner that will be a part of the mobile app allowing you to scan barcodes to use for data entry purposes. We are introducing AI to the reporting capabilities for more detailed and valuable data regarding the performance of your company. We are committed to your success and work to deliver enhancements and services you need lead your industries. Please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know if there are any specific enhancements you are looking for.

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