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Work Orders

With the roll out of IMS the work order form is no longer provided. ProjectsForce has created a digital version of the work order form. This form allows your team to review the work order information provided via IMS as well as update the form with their feedback. Once completed can be signed, completed, and uploaded into IMS. 

If you are not on IMS, you can still utilize this form and it can be emailed to the store or CPO along with your invoice.

The Work Order Process Is As Follows:

  • Work order is automatically created once a work order is added to the system

  • Once the form is signed and completed the work order is completed in ProjectsForce and an invoice is auto generated

  • The work order is then completed in IMS

  • The digital work order is then uploaded into IMS

  • If you are not currently on IMS, once the form is completed, an invoice will be created and an email with the invoice and work order form will be emailed to the store, CPO, or both

  • The form can be completed in the field by your installation technician or in your office by your administration staff

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