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IMS Activities

IMS Activity Management is a critical process that needs to be monitored and managed regularly. We understand how important it is to keep these up to date to ensure the client and their services are kept up to date.

ProjectsForce now pulls from IMS the "Assigned Activities" list and updates each detail, job, and work order with the current open activity and the data associated with that activity such as the due date.

With this data in ProjectsForce we can then create for you an activities portal that displays:

  • All Activities

  • Overdue Confirm Appointment

  • Overdue Ready To Schedule

  • Overdue Work Complete

  • Overdue Submit Documents

We do not want your activities to go overdue so we also generate reporting for you to see activities that will be overdue tomorrow if not updated today. This allows your team to monitor these activities and update them proactively versus reacting to them once overdue.

With this reporting we also have automation's and quick action buttons that will allow you to trigger updates in IMS without the need to find the job and review it. This makes the IMS Activity Management process much more efficient.

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