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Digital Work Order Setup

Create relationship to new company app:

  • Go to Digital Documents App

  • Scroll To Work Order Table

  • Go to Settings

  • Relationships

  • Create New Relationship

  • Select from another app

  • Select the new app

  • Select the projects table from new app

  • Projects can have multiple work orders

  • Change related project field name to new company name related project Example: PF Related Project

  • Create Report Link

  • Create Add Work Order Button (Change Color to 276110) Check User Alternative Label Text (No Label)

Create Fields From Project:

  • Client Name

  • Home Phone

  • Mobile Phone

  • Description

  • Installation address city

  • Installation address postal code

  • Installation address state

  • Installation address street 1

  • Principal Company Info Company Name

  • Store Number Text

Update formulas for data points:

  • Store Number

  • Customer Name

  • Home Phone

  • Mobile Phone

  • Customer Address

  • City

  • Statye

  • Zip

  • Assigned Installer

  • Description of customer issue

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