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Digital Work Order

ProjectsForce Digital Work Order forms allow for the work order form to be completed digitally via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Customer and store data will automatically populate from the work order in the system. So you will not need to manually enter that data each time a work order is created.

The specific data related to the work order will need to be entered by your office or field staff as needed.



If the work order is a rapid recovery work order, enter a dollar amount into the rapid recovery dollar amount field and it will create a project item for that work order automatically for that dollar amount.

Once the needed data has been updated click “Save and Close”

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 10.23.03

At this point, you will want to hit the “Customer Signature” button and capture the signature of the customer is needed.
If not needed, you will need to have the client press the “Initials” button in order to add their initials to the form indicating that the work completed satisfies their concerns.

Once you have obtained their initials, signature, or both, press the “Create Work Order” button which will generate the PDF to be transferred to Lowe’s via email, fax, or IMS.

Steps to follow in order:
•    Edit work order to enter any needed or supporting information
•    Save and close
•    Capture customer signature (if needed)
•    Capture Initials
•    Create work order

Once the work order has been created, the system will react to the changes based off how your company has requested.


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