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Digital COC Setup

COC Table In Digital Docs APP

Create Relationship between new app and the COCs table in the Digital Documents App

Rename the related project field to the name of the app related project. Example "ProjectsForce Related Project"

Point the "Add COC" button in the projects table of the new app to the new related project field in the COC table

Edit the COC report properties to point the Project Record ID # to the COC Eclipse Related Project Field

Ensure there is a COC URL IMS Field


Combining multiple companies into one automation

Update automation to trigger off of new company



  • When the record is modified

  • In the COC Table

  • And only when the EFP Report Date Is modified

  • And The new company related project is greater than 1 (add a new condition)


  • Filter - Record ID # is equal to the new company related project

Specify Fields & Values:

  • Status - Project Completed

  • Completion Date - EFP Report Date

  • Contact Status - Completed

  • Project Notes - Project has been completed. Sending info to IMS.

  • Digital COC URL IMS - COC File Link

Create the following related fields:

  • Client Name

  • Date Scheduled

  • Installation Team Member Principal Name

  • Principal Company Info Catch All Email Address

  • Principal Company Info Company Name

  • Principal Company Info Email Address

  • Print Store Invoice

  • Project Number Text

  • Store ID#

  • Store Number Text

  • Date Scheduled

Update Formulas For Shared Fields:

  • Store

  • Project #

  • Client Name From Project

  • Service Provider

  • Company Name

  • Company Catchall Email Address

  • Print Store Invoice

  • Store Record ID#

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