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Activity Management

When dealing with IMS it is critical that activities are monitored and managed. ProjectsForce pulls all activity data from IMS such as the title, status, due date, and date created.

This allows us to create within ProjectsForce various reporting structures that will provide visibility to overdue activities that need to be updated as well as activities that are set to go overdue soon. This allows you to stay on top of your activities and make sure updates are made when the need to be. 

Reports such as:

  • Overdue Confirm Appointment

  • Overdue Ready To Schedule

  • Overdue Work Complete

  • Overdue Submit Documents

  • Confirm Appointments That Will Be Overdue Tomorrow

  • Ready To Schedule Activities That Will Be Overdue Tomorrow

  • Work Complete Activities That Will Be Overdue Tomorrow

  • Submit Document Activities That Will Be Overdue Tomorrow

Remember, these reports will be available in ProjectsForce, so there is no need to log into IMS to review these activities.

ProjectsForce also utilizes these activities and the data to create automation's that will trigger as needed to update or complete activities in IMS so that you do not need to. 

Reach out and let us know how you would like your activity management page set up today!

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